Our company was founded under the name of SZRB Asset Management on 1st May 2014. Since then, we have gone through considerable developments. We have set up an efficiently functioning institution, established ourselves in the Slovak market and have financed several significant investments.

With time we have gradually expanded and re-grouped some of our operations. After concentrating our asset management activities to our specialised subsidiary, Slovak Asset Management, the SZRB Asset Management name no longer adequately reflected a wide range of the activities of the entire group.

After a partial reorganisation, we decided to change the name of our company and of some of the companies in its portfolio, to better reflect our mandate. For the parent company, we chose the name that best describes the essence of the entire group and, at the same time, it has already created its own reputation – i.e. the Slovak Investment Holding. Our group has already often been perceived under this name in the past and changing the name is therefore a very natural step in this respect.

On behalf of the Slovak Investment Holding, we thank you for your previous support and we look forward to continue our cooperation on investing in the future of Slovakia.