Energy performance contracts

As part of its investment advisory activity, SIH cooperates with the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and with other relevant domestic and international institutions in setting up the investment framework for energy performance contracts (EPCs) in Slovakia.

EPCs represent an innovative way of investing in the energy efficiency of public buildings without any impact on public finances. The EPC provider implements the modernisation of the public building at its own expense with the aim of increasing its energy efficiency. The EPC provider guarantees a certain amount of annual energy savings. The public building manager gradually repays the initial investment back to the EPC provider from the energy savings. If the guaranteed energy savings are not delivered, the public building manager reduces or ceases to implement payments to the EPC provider.


Source: Concept of development of EPCs in the public administration of the Slovak Republic


The main advantages of EPCs are

  • Modernisation of assets of public administration without the need of public investment
  • Reduction of energy consumption and the associated financial savings of the public building manager (at unchanged energy prices)
  • Improving the quality of the environment and public buildings in Slovakia - school facilities, medical facilities, administrative buildings


Source: Concept of the development of EPCs in the public administration of the Slovak Republic


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