About the Company

Slovak Investment Holding

Slovak Investment Holding, a. s. (hereinafter referred to as the “SIH”) is a joint stock company 100% owned by the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank. SIH's main objective is to support public and private investments in strategic sectors in Slovakia. SIH fulfils this goal through its four core activities:

SIH’s Principles

SIH’s philosophy is the promotion of financial instruments that are based on a repayable form of financial assistance. This type of investments has several advantages, including:

Revolving – the repayable form of financial assistance enables a multiple use of the same resources, since, after the investment has been repaid, SIH can reallocate the same funds to new investment projects

Leveraging – multiplication of the total investment volume by mobilising resources of other investors, i.e. private and international institutions

Market approach – blending of public resources under SIH management with the funds of other investors and the repayable form of this financial assistance enable investments without undue market distortions

Efficiency – since financial resources invested through financial instruments are repayable, only financially viable and economically sound projects can be the end users of this type of financial assistance

Ownership Structure